• Chronic pain affects millions.
    You don’t have to be one of them.

  • There are Natural Alternatives
    To Drugs or Expensive Surgery

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We proudly serve the Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach areas of Florida.

If you suffer from chronic pain, joint pain or general body pain, you don’t have to live with it.
We can help.

You’ve probably already been to a doctor about it. Most times, their solution is expensive medication. They may have even suggested surgery. But have you considered that there are alternatives to surgery and medications that will help you feel better quickly? Our clinic specializes in looking at all the possible reasons for your pain and how to make it go away. As a professional health care provider in the Lake Worth and Palm Beach area, we offer affordable, holistic care designed to relieve pain, heal injury and improve overall health and well-being

We treat the person, not the condition.
We are medically trained to address all structural, chemical and mental aspects of your body. Yes we can resolve back, joint, head and neck pain. But we can also alleviate stress, fatigue, allergies, digestive problems and assist with weight loss, using a holistic strategy that includes adjustments, hot and cold therapy, neurological modifications, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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Conditions We Can Help:

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Whiplash / Car Accident
Chronic Pain
Sports Injuries
Postural Syndrome
Numbness / Tingling
SI Joint Dysfunction
Muscle Knots
Leg Length Inequality
Herniated Disc
Nerve Pain

Services we offer

Chiropractic Care

Dealing with disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system to alleviate your pain.


piercing the skin or tissues with needles to alleviate pain and treat physical, mental, and emotional conditions.