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Car Accident Care
When most people are involved in a car accident, the first priority on their mind is their car, especially if they don’t feel any immediate pain. However, going to see a chiropractor should be your first stop. The reason: many injuries from a blunt trauma like a car accident may not show up for months or even years. Even a minor misalignment of your spine can gradually worsen over time. And once you settle your claim with the insurance company, you cannot be reimbursed for any further medical expenses. So if you start feeling pain months later, you will not be able to get the reimbursement you deserve for medical expenses.

Car accidents in the Lake Worth, Palm Beach and Boynton beach areas are higher than the national average. Consulting a chiropractor is a must after a car accident. We can treat neck injuries / whiplash, back injuries and soft tissue injuries. We can also loosen stiff muscles.

There is a lot of research proving that injuries can and do occur in low impact collisions. The most common injury is whiplash (or neck injuries), as well as back injuries. These can occur at speeds below 5 miles per hour.

Remember, the occupant of the vehicle can and will absorb the impact of the crash, leading to many forms of neck, back and spinal injuries. These injuries cannot be seen externally, such as soft tissue injuries (injuries to muscles, ligaments and discs). These injuries heal wrong, developing scar tissue that can ache years later. Damage to your spine can lead to recurring headaches, neck pain, stiffness, chronic muscle tension and spasms, lower back pain, spinal disc degeneration, inflamed arthritis, sore and tight inflexible muscles. These injuries can lead to an increased chance of repeat injuries and poor posture.

So if you have been injured in a car accident or know someone who has, please see a chiropractor immediately. It will save you years of pain down the road.

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Car Accident Care

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